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Posted: 10/13/2015 1:54:55 AM Share/Bookmark is a private BitTorrent tracker specializing in Anime Movies, Anime TV Series, OVA (Original Video Animation), Manga, Light Novels and Hentai in DVDRIP, BDRip, Blu-Ray and HD (720p/1080p). Majority of the content uploaded to this tracker are produced in Japan and other Asian countries. All the Anime, OVA and Hentai uploaded here have English subtitles. Register now and have fun!

Registration: by invitation. 
Currently registration is open

A must have for anime and manga lovers!

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Posted: 3/20/2016 1:17:24 PM Top

Thanks for the post buddy! I will be sure to use that next time I'm DL'ing some Anime or Hentai.

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