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Bittorrent TRackers Automatic Checking System - A.K.A BTRACS

BTRACS is an automatic information site which periodicaly checks closed community Bittorrent trackers for being open for signup.   Some closed community Bittorrent trackers' signups are closed and are "invite only" (meaning, if you have a user, you can invite your friend to join or a friend can invite you).   The main page refreshes every 10 minutes and shows a list of Bittorrent private trackers open for signup.   Bittorrent trackers that opened registration in the last 10 minutes are marked with .

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Signup is open for these 2 Bittorrent trackers. Which are closed most of the time.
    Website   category   Language   O/C Ratio   Ranking*  
  CherrryKiss CherrryKiss Adult greek  greek  1:2 180,621 General slovenian  slovenian  1:3 14,408  
Signup is open for these 49 Bittorrent trackers. Which are open most of the time.
    Website   category   Language   Ranking*  
  AhaShare AhaShare General english  english  9,208  
  Arab-Torrents Arab-Torrents [AT] General arabic  arabic  172,439  
  BestMMATorrents BestMMATorrents [BMT] Sport english  english  210,753  
  BigTorrent BigTorrent [BT] General polish  polish  3,480,994  
  blues-brothers blues-brothers General english  english  11,168,428  
  Brown Brown General english  english  1,706,289  
  DeepSeek DeepSeek General bulgarian  bulgarian  5,572,806  
  Deviloid Deviloid General english  english  24,970 [ET] General english  english  5,940,592  
  EliteZones EliteZones [EZ] General romanian  romanian  352,939  
  ExtremeShare ExtremeShare [ES] General english  english  17,355,515  
  EzTorrents EzTorrents Music english  english  39,801  
  FreePeer FreePeer [FP] General polish  polish  3,796,561  
  inPeril inPeril General latvian  latvian  102,004  
  LossLessLegs LossLessLegs [LL] Music english  english  303,575  
  LostFilm LostFilm TV russian  russian  2,827  
  Mac-Torrents Mac-Torrents [MT] General english  english  47,054  
  MegaTorrent MegaTorrent [MT] General polish  polish  7,195,506  
  MixFiend MixFiend Music english  english  1,520,760  
  MuayThaiTorrents MuayThaiTorrents [MTT] Sport english  english  5,008,827  
  OneBigTorrent OneBigTorrent [OBT] General english  english  177,398  
  PlanetDoc PlanetDoc [PDc] Video french  french  1,473,491  
  ReleaseZone ReleaseZone [RZ-RG] General english  english  1,836,092 [SA] General english  english  897,159  
  ScenePalace ScenePalace [SP] General english  english  1,671,679  
  SeedGames SeedGames [SG] Games english  english  2,600,958  
  ShareBitz ShareBitz [SB] General romanian  romanian  6,759,976  
  Shellife Shellife Music english  english  2,205,175  
  TangledUpInTorrents TangledUpInTorrents [TUiT] Music english  english  1,289,043  
  TapeDown TapeDown [TD] Music english  english  5,239,716  
  TeamTPTB TeamTPTB [TPTB] General english  english  2,611,859  
  TheCafe TheCafe [TC] General english  english  2,117,211  
  TheEmpire TheEmpire [TE.BZ] TV english  english  166,478  
  TheMixingBowl TheMixingBowl [TMB] Music english  english  1,118,876  
  the-zomb the-zomb Music english  english  471,552  
  TorrentBluray TorrentBluray [TB] General spanish  spanish  11,468,375 [TTR] General spanish  spanish  6,721,307  
  torrential torrential General english  english  18,494,813 General polish  polish  105,484  
  TorrentsMD TorrentsMD [MD] General romanian  romanian  31,376  
  Torrentzilla Torrentzilla [TZ] General english  english  178,198  
  TribalMixes TribalMixes Music english  english  206,754  
  TVChaos TVChaos [TVC] TV english  english  203,556  
  Twilight Twilight [TW] General english  english  712,049  
  TwilightsDreams TwilightsDreams [TD] General english  english  1,524,837  
  TwilightZoom TwilightZoom Music english  english  3,744,608  
  XSpeeds XSpeeds [XS] General english  english  68,449  
  YuBraca YuBraca General croatian  croatian  1,034,615  
  ZonaTuga ZonaTuga General portuguese  portuguese  3,955,291  
There is a total of 613 Bittorrent trackers in the BTRACS database.
51 Bittorrent trackers are open for signup.
2 of those Bittorrent trackers are rarely open.
49 of those Bittorrent trackers are open most of the time.
Bittorrent trackers are open for the following categories:
1 Adult tracker   1 Games tracker   33 General trackers  
10 Music trackers   2 Sport trackers   3 TV trackers  
1 Video tracker  
This page refreshes automaticly every 10 minutes.
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